the play

Home is the tale of one man’s struggle to remain true to himself in a changing world.

Cephus Miles loves “the land, the soft beautiful black sod,” and it is in the land that he finds solace after the deaths of his grandfather and uncle. However, trouble comes quickly beginning with the loss of his childhood sweetheart to another, being jailed as a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War and losing his farm to taxes. Desperate to escape Cephus travels North but his past catches up with him sending his life spiraling downward finally ending with him living rough on the city streets. Will God who is “on vacation in Miami” ever take pity on him?

This is an American folktale told by a talented company of three actors who portray more than twenty- five characters over the course of Cephus’ epic journey from adolescence to adulthood, spanning the 1950s through the Vietnam War and Civil Rights Movement.

First produced off-Broadway in 1979 by The Negro Ensemble Company, “Home” transferred to Broadway’s Cort Theatre, where it played for an impressive 288 performances and was nominated for two Tony Awards in 1980 (Best Play and Best Actor).

The play was performed in 2012 as part of the inaugural season at The Last Refuge on the London Fringe.